• A non-refundable 50% deposit is required before printing or design work can commence.

  • Full payment is required before shipping of your order.

  • Payment for custom letterpress work is made via direct deposit.

By agreeing to commence printing or design work with the studio, you agree to your letterpress project being photographed, displayed via our social media platforms, added to our website gallery and used for media or promotional purposes. You also agree to abiding by our payment policies.

If you would NOT like your work to be recorded and displayed as promotional material by our studio, please let us know - we are more than happy to abide by your request, privacy is important.


We believe that your letterpress prints should be as consistent and as perfectly crafted as possible. We also understand and know that letterpress has its... let's call them... eccentricities! Please expect small variations with each print, this could include very slight variations in ink coverage and slight movements of placement. Most times these variations are almost impossible to pick, but we are keenly aware of your expectations and want you to know that unlike digital printing (which can experience many of the same challenges) letterpress is a celebration of handcrafted artistry and craftmanship.

If you are a little bit of a perfectionist and need some more info on what to expect with letterpress printing then please call us, we are more than happy to explain to you the capabilities of this process and the expected outcome.



We're proud to say that we've never had to cancel or refund anything but read on below for the low down if you're interested.

  • If you are unhappy with your order for any reason please let us know immediately. If we have not heard from you within 5 WORKING DAYS after the delivery of your order then we'll assume no news is good news and that you are ecstatic about your new paper-goods.

  • Our refund policy does not cover a change of mind. To request a refund there must be an undeniable problem with the quality of the goods you have received. A refund will only be actioned if we are convinced that the problem is sufficiently extreme as to render the product unusable or not fit for distribution.

  • If your goods are received and are damaged in any way please photograph the order immediately and email us with the details. Each order is impeccably boxed and packaged. Without documentation we cannot pursue your complaint with Australia Post or Sendle.



You email is safe with us. Are you on our mailing list? Have you purchased from the store? We are not in the business of sharing your personal details or on-selling contact information. We absolutely respect your privacy (because we love ours too!).

We do not save your email if you purchased from our store and do not believe in adding your contact details to our mailing list without your permission. That's not cool.

You're smart people and if you want to sign up then you will - we willl never do this on your behalf and without your request.



We reserve the right to use images of your beautiful project on our social media platforms and website. Please let us know if you would prefer us NOT to use your work in our promotions.

For weddings, gifts, events and promotional prints we promise NOT to release images before the event - that would be a major bummer!

Where possible we will always accompany images of your work with a link to your business or designer because word of mouth is a wonderful thing and we want people to know about the good things you do.